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Remote doesn't beep when using finder function

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we are new to virgin and just got a 360 box installed. We have young children and immediately lost the remote so, having received a replacement from virgin today, we wanted to check the 'find remote' function works as described. 

We've tried holding both channel buttons for 10s as instructedby the website, and only the + button as suggested on other posts here, but nothing is happening. 

The remote is paired and has fresh batteries. 

I read another user who thought the new style remote was the issue and virgin supplied an old style one for them. Unfortunately they didn't return to update the thread on whether it worked or not (I'm assuming it probably did based on that).

Has anyone had the same issue and found a fix for it? This function is really important for us - our youngest is a real hider of things!

Many thanks


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In addition - we used the TV Go app as a remote whilst waiting for the replacement to arrive, but this did not show is to use apps (Netflix etc) so we were only able to watch live TV.

We were able to select an app to open it, but once within e.g. Netflix the TV Go remote stopped working, so we couldn't even select a profile to watch. 

Any solutions for this as an interim measure when the remote is missing?

Many thanks


There is no find remote function with the later remotes (the ones that use 2 batteries as opposed to the old ones which use 4)

Thanks for your reply. That's very disappointing, especially as the website states that there is!

Do you know if there's any way to get an old style remote? Or if it's possible to control apps e.g Netflix with the TV Go app remote?

Thanks again

Sorry.  I don't think they have the old ones to send out.

I don't know any other way of using the apps via the remote.   

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Thank you

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Very Insightful Person


This doesn't help with the find the remote issue but can help with using apps or as a replacement remote.

You can use some third party remotes such as the OneForAll URC7125 - use the SimpleSet setup process and choose Ziggo manufacturer.

There's also the OneForAll1240 - if you enter code 1582, It's not as expensive as the 7125 and has 4 selects for tv/sat/amp/dvd.  I use this one. It needs direct line of sight to set it up.  Also I can confirm that it works correctly with the apps on the 360. £12 £12.99 £14 

Also the Logitech Harmony remote works.  You need to set them up as a "Ziggo Mediabox Next" 

Some TV's smart remotes also work with the 360 box. I have an LG and can set it up to control my 360.

Some TV's recognise the box as Virgin, with others you may need to search for Ziggo, or Ziggo Mediabox Next.

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Thank you very much!!