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Remote Playback on 2nd 360 Box Often Showing Keep/Delete Message

Tuning in

We've had 360 for at least a year now, which has generally been OK (aside from the remote control connection issue I've reported on another thread). However, a few months ago we started to encounter an issue with remote playback from a 2nd 360 box that we did not see before. If we play the recording on the other box then we are often getting the message Keep/Delete appearing at the top of the screen, as you would get at the end of a recording. The recording has not ended. If I press the OK button to show the progress bar on the screen then it shows that we are at the end of the recording. Playback is continuing as normal because we are not at the end of the recording, but it does mean that we cannot fast forward, and if we leave the recording then we cannot continue from where we stopped. I think we mostly see this issue with playback of a program that was already partially watched, but I'm pretty sure I have seen this come up on recordings that have not been watched yet at all. This is a very annoying issue because the only way to "fix" it is to restart the playback from the beginning and try to fast forward to where we left it, which is not easy to do if the recording is several hours long. For example, I've just had this issue restarting playback of the MotoGP qualifying that I had partially watched earlier today.

I can confirm that both 360 boxes have been restarted recently and the issue is still happening occasionally. The problem does not happen every time a recording is played back on the other box. I think it happens about once every 5 playbacks, or something like that. I think we always see this when playing back content recorded on our box upstairs on the box in our living room; I don't think I have seen it when playing back content from the living room box on the upstairs one. However, it is rare that I try to watch something from the living room box on the upstairs box. I can also confirm that the box in the living room is connected via Ethernet whereas the one upstairs is connecting via WiFi.

Has anyone else seen this issue? As noted, it is something that did not used to happen. It is happening often enough now that it is getting frustrating.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Kelmon 

To turn off the  "keep or delete" option that keeps popping up, go to Recordings > Recorded > View all - then select Manage Storage (on the top row), Enter your pin number then it's the first option you see > Ask to delete after watching. Set it to Off.

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Tuning in

Yep, same thing here. Very, very annoying. Has been happening for 2-3 months. I only have a main box and it's happening on that.

I'll give the suggestion a try but I have my doubts this will fix the problem. I don't have a problem with the message/option appearing when I have reached the end of the recording. My issue is the box (presumably the one on which I am watching the recording) thinking that I have reached the end of the recording when there can be hours remaining. But I will try the suggestion and update with the results.

An update. I did disable the "Ask to delete after watching option" on our box in the living room. This afternoon I started watching the Moto3 race, which was recorded on the box upstairs. No problems on the playback. However, my wife can't stand sport and wanted the TV while she was having lunch, so I went upstairs and continued watching. When a commercial break came up, I pressed the Right button on the controller to skip forwards 30-seconds (I probably pressed it a number of times to skip forwards), and I was kicked back to the Home screen. When I tried to continue watching it was showing that the Moto3 coverage had already been watched and the only option was to Watch Again. This gives the following feedback:

  1. Disabling the "Ask to delete after watching" option does not fix the problem. If anything, it actually makes the problem worse because you get kicked back to the Home screen and it is slower to try and reset the position in the programme being watched.
  2. This problem can occur even on content recorded on the box that is being used for playback. I've not seen this before but this matches to what Cruciate has also reported - this may not be anything to do with remote playback.

Again, I want to highlight that this is not something that has always been a problem with 360. This is something relatively new and feels like it is the result of an update to the software running on the 360 box.

Thanks for coming back to us @Kelmon and I'm sorry to hear of the 360 TV issues on going whilst watching a recording.

Can you please confirm if you were able to resume the recording from where you'd stopped watching on the box that you started watching on?

Were you possibly able to watch an alternative recording on the secondary box, or stream ant content on this set top box, with this error at play?

Kindest regards,


Hi David,

No, continued playback was not possible. What I had to do (and this is the same each time) is Watch Again and manually fast forwards to the approximate time that I had been at before being kicked back to the Home Screen because the box both thought the recording had been finished, and the option to display the Keep/Delete prompt had been disabled (as suggested earlier in this post). Once I had manually returned playback to the correct position the rest of the program could watched as normal, including fast forwarding. 
Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what you are asking in your follow up question. I can confirm that playback of other recordings can be watched as normal (assuming the same issue with the box thinking you have reached the end of the recording does not happen) and playback of something on the other box at the same time is generally fine. Both boxes can experience the reported issue but we see it most on our living room box simply because we use that one the most. 

Thanks for coming back to me @Kelmon, and taking time to answer my questions.

Do you leave the set top boxes on over night to receive the latest software updates?

Are there any issues when pausing and then rewinding/fast forwarding any live TV shows?

Kindest regards,


Hi David,

The boxes are left in standby mode but they are not actively left turned on. The About for the box in the living room shows the following:

  • Application Version: 68_2023051
  • Build Version: 5.02
  • Software Version: DCX960__-MON-PRD-02.02-163-AK-AL-20230510210000-NA004
  • Hardware Version: ARRIS-DCX960-MPA+

I have not observed any problems with the pausing, rewinding/fast-forwarding of live TV. It is not something we use very often but no issues when we do.

Thanks for confirming @Kelmon.

I'd like to take some details from you, so we can arrange an engineer visit for you.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.

Kindest regards,