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Hi there, 

My Virgin 360 box has a flashing orange/amber light. It then turns a solid red light and red arrows appear next to it on the box. There was a red WiFi signal but I unplugged all wires and plugged them back in and now the red WiFi signal has gone. The screen says welcome and then goes blank. 

The light still continues to flash orange then turns solid red and the red arrows remain. Do you know how I fix this? 

Kind Regards,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there irishboy21, thank you for posting on our help forum. 
A warm welcome from us in the community 🙂

We're sorry to hear of the issue with the red light on your TV box, this sounds like it fails to connect over the network,
Could you please advise if your TV box connects to the WiFi or via an ethernet cable?

Also, when you reboot the box does the home menu / screen come up after a while once you've seen the welcome screen on, or do you get an error message / code displayed there?

Please, let us know more and we're happy to further assist with this.

Forum Team

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. 

I think my 360 box is connected via WiFi as I have the white wifi box thing - A hub I think it’s called? And I don’t have an Ethernet cable so I imagine it’s that. 

The welcome page comes up on the screen, then the screen goes black and there is an arrow pointing down that fills with white and then the white disappears and it fills with white again as if something is downloading. But the screen goes blank again and everything repeats over and over again. 

Hope that helps. Thanks. 

Hey irishboy21, thank you for advising these. - 

A red light on your TV box usually indicates bad to no internet connection, from what you explained it seems like the box is trying to get some updates on but cannot do this due to connection issues (it has to connect to our network to get those).

Please, try the below steps for me:

• Point remote at the TV box and select ‘UK’
• Select WiFi
• Select WPS set up
• Press WPS button on the front of your hub, until light flashes
• Press ‘OK’ on the remote

See if the box can now connect and get the updates so we check the channels and on-demand services are working again.

You can also try manually connecting the box to the network by pressing home button on your remote, select help & settings > settings > connect to VM > wireless and follow the instructions there to set up a connection manually (by typing in the WiFi password)

Let me know if any of the above has helped or if you get any new errors or messages in regard, I will be able to assist further.

Forum Team

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there is no where for me to Select UK or any of the other options that you messaged. Like I said it just says welcome and then the screen goes blank then it has the downloading arrow then the screen goes blank then it says welcome again and then the arrow again and it keeps repeating like that. Nothing else comes up there is nowhere for me to select anything that you mentioned and the light continues flashes orange and then goes solid red with the two red arrows. 

nothing comes up that I can select. 

Not applicable

I believe they meant select OK.

Press the Home button and navigate to the settings menu (the cog). Go to Network and you can manage the Wi-Fi settings from there.

If that doesn’t work, try switching the box off using the rocker switch at the rear. Leave the box off for 30 seconds.

Press and hold the channel up and down buttons on the front of the box and turn the box back on whilst keeping the buttons pressed. Release the buttons when the welcome screen appears.

The standby button will begin to flash and a download icon should appear on-screen. Allow this to complete and the box will restart. See if this fixes the issue. 



this did not fix the issue. 

I’ve tried pressing OK and the home button but no option to press settings or anything else appears on screen, the light just keeps flashing and then going the solid red with the arrows and occasionally the WiFi symbol goes red again. Nothing I press on the remote will when. The welcome screen and download item just keep repeating as before. I’ve even changed the batteries so it’s not that. 

I turned the rocker switch off and held the channel up and down button but it’s just the same as above. 




Is there anything else I can try? 

Hey @Irishboy21

I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.