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Joining in

My recordings on virgin tv box 360 are showing only as a list. How do I switch them to  icons to show both recordings and pending recordings. 


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If you use voice control and say " recordings " it short cuts to pressing Home, Recordings, Recorded, View all, once you go past View all using the manual button pressing method you don't get the icons.

When you use the manual button pressing method you get to Recordings and will see Recorded and your Planned recordings.


Thank you for your response. I don’t quite understand what you suggested I do. 

When you press Home > Recordings, you will now see Recorded and Planned recordings as icons, when you select View all on either the Recorded or Planned recordings you then see see them as a list, it's not possible to change that view.


Are you saying that once in “listing” format, it is NOT possible to revert to “icons” format?  

What I am saying is if you have gone to the View all listing you don't see the icons, you then need to press the back button to get the previous view with icons.

What exact problem do you have ?


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I have the same problem. When I say 'my shows' it goes to a list not icons. The only way I can get to see icons is to press 'home' and scroll across to recordings. This is certainly no short cut so why cant I just say 'my shows' to get the icons as I used to?

Hi milbers,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, sorry to see the Voice control isn't taking you to your recordings when saying my shows, I have just tried this on 3 different 360 boxes and it went straight to the recordings, really not sure why it isn't working for you.



On our wavelength
It is going to recordings but is showing as a list not icons. I much prefer the icons as it was until recently

Tuning in

This has happened since the 4.43 update. I raised it on that thread but nobody seems interested.

Basically, when you used voice control for "my shows" it did take you to the same page that you now have to press home and navigate to recordings to access.

Now, when you say "my shows" you get the view all screen, which is a fairly depressing list.

There appears to be no voice command which will take you to the first option, which, whilst accepting that the list is more comprehensive, I personally preferred.