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Recordings lost, again!

Joining in

Hi, I have had Virgin 360 for just under 12-months and for the second time I have lost all of my recordings and planned recordings through no fault of my own. It’s running on my existing TiVo box (I had it prior to 360 upgrade). The first time I did a factory reset my first batch of recordings were lost but I have managed to record for the last few months. However, overnight, the same thing happened. It’s really frustrating. When I have tried to contact Virgin via 150, I have been sent a text with a link to test my box. It’s impossible to get a real person to answer and sort it. 


On our wavelength

I had same issue at around the same time. Apps get signed out and recordings deleted.

Every time others report these issues on here, I have had same issue.

I have done the factory reset and logged back into apps. When I was doing the reset, I noticed there was another small software update.

It appears that each time these Tivo boxes converted to 360, receive a software update, they cannot handle it. So the apps get signed out of and then recordings are deleted.

Up to you. Go through factory reset process and sign back into apps. And add any future planned recordings. Then see how it goes. Or register fault with VM and ask for a new box.

Community elder

Hi Rusky_123,

If the 360 is deleting your recordings it's a sign that the box is faulty, especially if it's done it more than once. You can either call Virgin on 150 from a Virgin phone, mobile or landline, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone to report a fault, or wait here for one of the forum team to pick this up which might be 2 to 3 day's.

When phoning choose the option to report a fault, then ignore all the options offered and you should then be placed into a queue to speak to someone.

They might suggest you set the Auto delete option to off, it probably already is and shouldn't affect planned recordings but you can check by doing the following;

Press Home > Recordings > Recorded > View All > Manage Storage > Enter your pin > Auto delete when space needed > Set to Off.