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Recordings - can't scroll down.

Dialled in

Hi, if I say recordings the list is displayed. Red line underneath first program. I can't scroll down to the next program.

To delete a program I'm having to use the recordings tab and scroll through the pics. Not ideal.

 Help please.



Have you tried a reboot to see if that helps?

Community elder

If rebooting the box doesn't work I would try a factory reset from past experience.

It's only a partial system reset and not a complete factory reset. You are given 2 options,

Keep Recordings
Format Disk

Choose Keep Recordings, that means you won't lose your recordings and any planned recordings or series links you've set up, but you will have to sign into your apps such as iPlayer, Prime, Netflix and ITVX again, also Match frame rate and Standby power consumption will go back to their default settings if you have changed them.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Oxo29, thanks for reaching out on our help forums and sorry to hear of this navigation issue and issues with your recordings.

How do things look now after your last post here and has the advice from our insightful members above helped resolving this?

Please, pop back here to let us know where we are with this and if you need more help.

Forum Team

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It fixed itself.  In fact the machine seemed to hang then reboot. Big bright VM screen.  I then noticed that I could scroll down.

Hi @Oxo29 thanks for your reply - that's great news!

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need any further help in the future 😊

Many thanks