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I'm hoping to get some help for the mother. 

She's telling me she used to be able to pause live TV, watch one of her recordings and after it finishes, go back to normal TV and watch it from the point it was paused at. She's unable to do this anymore. It goes back to live, caught up TV when she comes off her recording.

Would anyone be able to make sense of this? I don't watch TV so I'm not sure if she's getting confused or not as we've not had our new 360 box long.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What did your mother have before she got TV360? And is she able to rewind the live TV instead, even if the previous pause isn't held?

Was it a V6, that runs different software and has been converted? Or something else?

The behaviour you describe is potentially down to how the TiVo/V6-software works compared with TV360-software.

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As japitts has already said that was a feature of the V6 box, unfortunately you can't do that with the 360 the alternative is to press record on the live TV you are watching and then go to recordings and watch from there.