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Recording ending early

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Recordings set for 2 mins early and 15mins end, but they are starting on time and ending on time? Mostly missing the ending?? 


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Me too, started about a week ago, very annoying!

Hi Kevw13 and SaleBlade,

What version software are you on, 4.33 or 4.34, go to Settings, Info, About, Build Version. 4.4X,, you would also see What's new in version 4.4X after you press info.

I haven't set an extended recording since the end of the F1season (3hrs) and had no problems but will try a 15 min test on something, is it anything specific channel or programme.


Hi.  Version 4.43.  When you fire up your recording ready to watch, there are visible spaces start and finish? To me seems dismiss my instructed setting,  1min early. And 15mins over, it was 5 mins over, but cut the endings off, Noticed more on programs with ads!   Cheers Kev  

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Hi Kev,

I am also on 4.43 and set a recording of Law and Order on 153 this afternoon, used Advanced options and added 15 minutes and it recorded with the extra time.

Have you tried doing a factory reset of the box to see if it makes any difference, if you do just select the option to keep your recordings.


Hi. Will give that a try, just seems to be old Coronation Streets, Heartbeats? Had a check on a recording, you can see the start point is not coming on early, space in the recording tab start and finish? So it fires up at the check point and the 1 min early?  

Hi.  Just done a full reset, tried an recording from yesterday, still starts at check point, not to my setting 1 min early, may be ok on a new recording?  

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Yes you will have to try with a new recording.


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Very Insightful Person

@Kevw13 wrote:

Recordings set for 2 mins early and 15mins end, but they are starting on time and ending on time? Mostly missing the ending?? 

Hi @Kevw13 

Are those the settings when setting the recording via the TV guide?

What are the recording settings set to in Settings > System > Recording Settings >  extra time before and after?  Just wondering if they are different and one is over riding the other setting

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Hi.  All set from the system settings, everything ties up?  Started couple more testers.