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Re: new box - account retrieval error CS1011

Same problem here agin after just getting the service fixed for a couple of weeks it’s actually virgin staff messing with your service because the independent television and communications watchdog just contacted me to see if I have had my service issues resolved and I said seams so and accepted their resolution that was today the same day my services mysteriously stopped working again it’s no error it’s virgin being funny so I will be contacting the independent watchdog today again on my mobile my non virgin mobiles because virgin can not be trusted and I will report them again and it will also be another claim and returning some more of my funding for the cheek. Just report these amateurs folks toc CISAS the independent watchdog.

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Re: new box - account retrieval error CS1011

Hi Howard1972,


Thank you for reaching back out to us in our community and welcome back, we are sorry to hear you are having issues with your 360 boxes again, 


I have had a look at things our end and cannot see any issues in regards to your boxes however there are some issues showing on your Internet, after running further checks our end it has been advised for you to try a Pin reset.


just to rule out a software issue, first check all the internal connections are hand tight then push a pin/ paper clip in the back of the Router where it says reset, push in until you feel it press then hold in for a timed 1 Minute, do not reboot during or after and allow 15 Minutes to settle afterwards?