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Re: Want to go back to TIVO

Just joined

we volunteered to upgrade from V6 to TV360 ..

wish we hadnt bothered ...

we have/had two V6 boxes that we knew well, but got talked into upgrading, along with our broadband ... the router was a doddle, but the boxes wouldnt update, so they(VM) sent an engineer/tech' to do the first one (the second one said 'waiting for other box to upgrade) , he also had problems, so tried a new box , this wouldnt work so he put the old one back in and did a forced download, then the box wouldnt connect to our account, he left as there was nothing more he could do, saying an IT ticket had been raised, and it should be fixed by the end of the day (yeah right)

after eleven days, three IT tickets, and a second engineer visit, and being told that they (VM guru's) couldnt work out how to get it connected, it (the first box) randomly connected last night at about 8.00pm, the format is VERY different, im not sure we like it, but after all the fuss, we have to give it a try ..

now, we have to just wait for another tech visit to do the second box , as this now has 'limited' service and no option to upgrade .. just hope this isnt going to be another 11 day scenario ...



Tuning in

Good luck with that! I had 2 V6 boxes upgraded to 360 boxes a couple of weeks ago and found they couldn't "talk" to each other. One engineer came out and couldn't help and told me to get back on Chat. Another engineer came out the following day and said you can't have 2 full size 360 boxes as they are not compatible so he changed one to a mini box. The mini box keeps giving error messages on screen when trying to view recordings done on the full size box and the "pause live tv" function on the mini box only lasts for about 3.5 minutes as against 2 hours on the old V6 boxes. No happy at all with the upgrade and am in dialogue with customer complaints.

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Very Insightful Person

The mini boxes do not have a hard disk, so rely on the main box. This is why live pause only operates for a short time. Usually issues accessing recording are due to a poor WiFi connection.

Converting two TiVO V6 boxes to V360 is a conversion perk & nothing else.

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If you want to pause for longer than 3 minutes on a mini box you need to press record first so it uses the main box, just make sure if the main box is in standby that it's set to fast start or active start, just the same as if you want to watch a recording on the mini box, and a good network connection as previously mentioned.


Hi @Scouselad23 


Thanks for posting on our community and sorry to hear about the issue with your 360 boxes. 


Are you able to advise if the issue is ongoing after speaking to our Customer Service team? Please do provide me with an update

Forum Team

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No joy with Customer Services (Complaints) so it looks like the Ombudsman is the next port of call!

Hi @Scouselad23 

Thanks for coming back to us. What have the team advised? Is the complaint now at deadlock? If so, you'll receive a letter through with your options.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Still waiting a reply. Still have equipment problems with the mini box not being able to pull recordings off the main box - 2 WhatsApp / Chat conversations yesterday and an engineer visit due on Wed.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Scouselad23,

Thank you for your post and I am sorry for your experience on this. I can see you had a tech booked for today, can you let us know if this has resolved your issue?


Hi Zoie_P,

No problem not resolved! Tech came out and replaced old upgraded V6 box with a shiny new 360 box. This also had connection problems!!! Resolutions rang me on Thursday to confirm that they would replace the 2 x 360 boxes today for me back to new V6 boxes. Tech came out this morning but although changed both boxes no-one had set my account back to the V6 settings so the new box loaded up 360!!! The job he had been given was just to change the boxes, not perform a downgrade. He sent an email to operations to downgrade my system back to V6 and I'm waiting for that to happen. He is going to ring me later to let me know if he got a reply to his email or not and where we go from there.