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Re: Virgin 360 sucks

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I hate the 360 box over the v6. There is no improvement apart from the remote control voice feature. Here’s why I hate it.

1) Although both boxes will automatically record so much live tv so you can rewind, with the 360 box you lose the ability if you swap from watching a recorded programme to live tv. With the v6 box it would still record.

2) the search function is not as good. Often when search for a series and you choose episodes, it will only show the most recent episodes.  to go back to episode one, you often have to go to BBCi player etc to play it.

3) recording.  This is my biggest bug bear. On the v6 box you had options to record new series only, but not on this one. For example I’m constantly getting repeated episodes of Gogglebox recorded onto my box and it’s filling up with stuff I’ve already watched.

4) the remote - going through batteries almost every 2 weeks as it’s back light comes on every time you touch it. Also it doesn’t always respond.

5) the software is buggy. Sometimes I go to recordings and it’s says no recordings available. Occasionally I try to delete an episode I’ve just watched and it say cannot delete at this time.

also when watching a series episode, as the episode it about to end, it will give you a choice of automatically playing the next episode, however it’s switching over to it before the episode has actually ended, missing the last couple of minutes.






Had my Virgin install done today, switching from Sky.

One thing I loved with sky, was the Favourites, where I only saw the channels I wanted, arranged in the order I wanted.

True, if I could have a favourite list and rearrange the channels under the ‘shared’ profile, I would never use Profiles, but by using a Profile, I can get the box to default to that profile and have the channels as I like them.

Had my adult offspring still been kids, I can see having a separate profile for them and one for us once they’re in bed, being very handy.

So I don’t think it’s a stupid idea and can see many people liking it.

I do think Profiles should be via the home memory and the button used for recordings 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @HobGoblyn 

There is a profile button on the right hand side of the 360 remote.

360 remote360 remote

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will this '7125' remote work on the new 360 only boxes or is it for the V6 boxes which have been upgraded to 360...

@scareyone wrote:

will this '7125' remote work on the new 360 only boxes or is it for the V6 boxes which have been upgraded to 360...

A V6 box upgraded to 360 software is now a 360 box.

I haven't got one but it would probably work on a V6 box without the software upgrade to 360. You just need to pair it as a Ziggo MediaBox Next for a 360 box which uses Virgin's Horizon software.


On our wavelength

i appreciate the V6 box software can and has been upgraded to the 360 software but are the new 'pure' 360' boxes   internal components the same as the V6 box?



Having Just left Sky Q because it sucks having stupid mini boxes that constantly loose connection and all recordings going onto the main box.  The amount of features that were lost from sky HD going to skyQ was terrible making it rubbish to use, you can't set reminders, you can't see any date on a program to see how old it is, it records things by its self. The UI is clunky, laggy, generally horrible to operate and has very few features, feels like a firestick but worse. The program descriptions never match what is showing and the program info is severely lacking. The amount of times I've had to reconnect the mini boxes is ridiculous too,  almost daily. So hopefully virgins mistake going with miniboxes won't be as bad as  skyQ.

Now as i await my virgin installation I find they have gone down the same road a skyQ, with crappy mini boxes, anything to save money, even though we are paying for it, my luck and timing is terrible.

if I had known virgin were doing the stupid mini box thing and that we wouldn't be able to record on all boxes, like we could on the v6, I would never have left sky, same **bleep** different colour.

I may still cancel my order yet, I will wait for installation,  then if its the same as sky's sucky Q then I will cancel and use a firestick instead.

VM's mini boxes must be connected by coaxial cable, and you get UHD and HDR. The inferior Sky mini boxes lack the chipset that supports UHD.

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