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Re: Virgin 360 sucks

On our wavelength

I hate the 360 box over the v6. There is no improvement apart from the remote control voice feature. Here’s why I hate it.

1) Although both boxes will automatically record so much live tv so you can rewind, with the 360 box you lose the ability if you swap from watching a recorded programme to live tv. With the v6 box it would still record.

2) the search function is not as good. Often when search for a series and you choose episodes, it will only show the most recent episodes.  to go back to episode one, you often have to go to BBCi player etc to play it.

3) recording.  This is my biggest bug bear. On the v6 box you had options to record new series only, but not on this one. For example I’m constantly getting repeated episodes of Gogglebox recorded onto my box and it’s filling up with stuff I’ve already watched.

4) the remote - going through batteries almost every 2 weeks as it’s back light comes on every time you touch it. Also it doesn’t always respond.

5) the software is buggy. Sometimes I go to recordings and it’s says no recordings available. Occasionally I try to delete an episode I’ve just watched and it say cannot delete at this time.

also when watching a series episode, as the episode it about to end, it will give you a choice of automatically playing the next episode, however it’s switching over to it before the episode has actually ended, missing the last couple of minutes.






Nether because the v6 uses Tivo Software and that ha features that are copyrighted and other can't use. 

Hey Dggls, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you aren't fully happy with the 360 box.

We always do try to improve our boxes, please can you tell me what kind of features you are missing.

Also if you do have any feedback or suggestions please do let me know. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


If the team are listening for what features users want, 360 needs to have proper series links to record future series on any channel. 

We still have the V6 and won’t be changing it until this feature is available. Thanks. 

Thank you @Marni1971


We do really appreciate the feedback and we will pass this on to the relevant team, if this feature does become available then it will be announced online.


Thanks again. 

Manual recording would be fantastic

I dismissed the 360 "upgrade" from my V6 at launch due to all the issues and missing functionality. Today I heard BBC1 is in UHD whereas my V6 only has HD. It prompted me to visit here and take another look to see what has changed. It seems it's pretty much the same moans about missing functionality and it not really being an upgrade as it was at launch. Do multiple boxes still need to be hardwired?

I'm thinking I'll stay put for a while longer if there's no big benefits.

NTL/VM since '96. Don't want to add up the cost

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Very Insightful Person

@ScottyUK wrote:

Today I heard BBC1 is in UHD whereas my V6 only has HD.

I'm thinking I'll stay put for a while longer if there's no big benefits.

Both V6 & TV360 support BBC-One in HD as a linear broadcast channel in EPG-position 101. The UHD support is via the iPlayer app, on both V6 & TV360 - 

And yes, all V6 & TV360 boxes need a co-ax connection. With the exception of the non-recording stream platform, all Virgin Media TV boxes get their TV feed over co-ax cable.

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I feel the same.  I didn't even had a choice as they didn't explain what this entails.  I'm getting used to it but still hate it because I've lost my Wish List which included series links.  I used to have a WishList with actors names and V6 would record everything where the actor appears.  I tried this with the WatchList.  You do get some suggestions but when you click to view, you have to subscribe and pay.

Another thing which I hate is that for example you have a series on BBC1 and because of football, you programme is showing on BBC2.  V6 would have automatically recorded it but TV360 didn't.  When I discovered this, thankfully watched iPlayer.

Please please please bring back the WishList and series links.  Then I will be a happy bunny but, until something similar is added, I hate TV360

Hi @grace_67

Welcome to the community forums. 

Sorry to hear of your disappointment with your experience with the 360. We always take on board feedback given and use it to learn more about the areas we need to improve. We will certainly pass this information along to the relevant teams.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

I "upgraded" from V6 to 360 today. Oh dear. It's awful. Listen up Virgin, and listen good, because this isn't like your usual lacklustre efforts - I think you've messed up so badly on this one that it'll quickly start kicking you where it hurts - your finances. 

One of your geniuses stood at a whiteboard and suggested "hey, you know what our customers want? A voice-controlled remote!" The other losers sitting in the open-plan office agreed, then went to lunch. Now, if this useless feature had been it, I could easily have ignored it. But no. With the downgrade from V6 to 360, you have achieved the following:

  • Only one remote will work with the box. With the V6 and previous boxes, you could pair multiple remotes - even pairing some very old Virgin/NTL remotes to use certain functions. I cannot stress to you how fundamental it is that the box accepts multiple remotes. Your advertising stresses the "multi-screen streaming" ability of the 360 box - heck that's why it's called "360". In your atomised society, where people live separate lives, in separate rooms, talking to their remote control, perhaps this concept appeals. Those people are called children. And guess what, Virgin? Children don't watch TV. You know who watches TV? Old people. And old people need multiple remotes. Maybe they're forgetful and like to have multiple remotes at hand (this remote is smaller and more non-descript than ever, after all). Maybe they live with other people and don't want to pass the remote, like a baton relay, to the other person every time they leave the room. Don't even think about replying to this bullet point with "Ah, but you can control it using the smartphone app!"
  • To access my recordings on the V6 box, I pressed the "My Shows" button. To access my recordings on the 360 box, I press Home...then I press right...then I press right again...then I press right again...then I press right again...then I press right again...then I press OK on "RECORDINGS"...then I press OK on "View all" (or, alternatively, endlessly press right).
  • On V6, the last recording I left the cursor on will be highlighted. On 360, the most recent recording will be highlighted - so potentially yet more annoying clicking. If only there was a "My Shows" button on the 360 remote - unfortunately you've dedicated the central, most prominent, glossiest, easiest-to-access button to...the voice command button.
  • The mini-EPG that displays on the bottom-third of the screen when watching something displayed three channels at a time on V6 - very useful to see what's on, and also compare start/end times between three adjacent channels. On 360 it Useless.
  • On V6 you could skip a day ahead/back on the mini-EPG at the touch of a button - on 360 this functionality is only possible in the main EPG.
  • If you think that anyone, anywhere, will ever use the 'Profiles' system then you're seriously deluded - and yet it gets its own button on the remote, whereas accessing your recordings doesn't...
  • The main EPG's text is far too small - the V6's was much, much clearer. Too much purple. Again, OLD PEOPLE. Did the V6 also display more channels at once (360 displays seven)?
  • The mini-EPG now takes up half the screen, with its annoying purple fade effect...
  • On the V6 box, the EPG would grey out programmes that were on in the it's actually present and future shows that appear darker.
  • If you press fast-forward too many times it goes back to the slowest option...very annoying when you want to fast-forward something quickly. 

So there we have it Virgin, all the deficiencies I've found with your 360 box after having only been with it a few hours... oh, I see I have lots of bugs to look forward to as well! Let the customer exodus begin!