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Re: V360 series links/planned recordings

On our wavelength

Hi need to sort out the EPG recording something at 9pm Thursday but says 2am in the planned recordings box this needs fixing


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jimmyswanston22 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. Please do make your own thread in the future.

Can you expand on this for me with the recording? Is it via Series Link or a manual recording? What channel and program please?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This is not unusual and quite normal.

Some of the Sky channels will show an episode at 2am before repeating it at 9pm the same day.

The TV 360 is doing its job by recording the first showing of an episode.


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Hi it’s FBI on sky witness on Thursday i series link it and time is wrong plus seem to be missing episode which is episode 3 saying it’s been on already via episodes when the new series started last week so should be episode 3 next week glitch needs fixing so I put it on manual record instead 

The issue is due to season 5 episode 3 being shown as an attachment to the end of series 4 earlier in the year by $ky.  Who knows why!!!

Thank you @Jimmyswanston22 

Are you able to share a picture of what you can see in the recordings menu? 

There is no issue.  They weren't expecting the 360 to pick up the earlier broadcast.   


Hi @Jimmyswanston22 thanks for your reply.

As mentioned in this thread, there is no issue with the box, it is simply picking up the content you have asked it to record (and the box is picking up the next available viewing of the show).

If you're looking for brand new showings only, if you refine your recording to new only this should eliminate any double recordings (and should give you the first/original showing of the new episode itself).

Hope this helps.

Many thanks


Joining in

I'm also having problems with Series recordings in V360. The first one or maybe two episodes record properly but not the rest of the series and so are missing from my My Recordings. Even more annoying is when the initial episodes record properly at 9pm but subsequent recordings are timed at 3.20am or thereabouts, and these recordings are the sign language versions, which I do NOT want. This means going to Catch up Apps to be able to see the lost episodes. Whilst this is no real problem with BBC iPlayer, ITVx is a pain because it won't let you fast forward through the ads (which is why I, and probably most people, never watch commercial channels live and always record them, which obviously ITV doesn't want you to do). Also, you can't get subtitles on ITVx. 

VM really need to sort out the many reported shortcomings with V360. I, and I'm sure many others, regret "upgrading" to V360. the previous V6 was much more reliable and simpler to use,