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Re: V360 Issues

Tuning in


I also was talked into upgrading my V6 TiVo box to V360, and it was the worst decision I have made for a long time.

Firstly, I contacted Virgin some long time ago to complain that I kept running out of space on my V6 box, because I record a lot of sport series (Formula1, MotoGP, Tennis, Music channels, etc.), and many of these channels are now in HD (taking up many times more space). Also I was getting Pixellation on some recordings, which I suspected was disk corruption (some recordings would simply stop half way through, or 'skip' to the end). I had called Virgin several times in the past about this but it was never fixed. Anyway, way back in May last year I was offered an upgrade to the V360 which I was told would give me more space, and was cheaper, and would fix al these problems in one fell swoop.

At the time I didn't take up the offer because I had a lot of Tennis to watch so I deferred my upgrade until about two weeks ago. So - on receiving the new 'box', I found I only had a remote. Asking where the new box was, I was told that the old box would be upgraded. That wasn't what I was promised, as I had been told that if I didn't like the new service, all I had to do was swap the boxes back.

Anyway, the 'technician' (I use the term loosely), told me my recordings would be safe as it was only the firmware being upgraded. However, after the upgrade, everything was gone! I had no idea how to use the new system, and no instructions to help me. Thanks Guys!

Sooo... Having persevered for about 10 days, I find that the features are far inferior to the V6 that I have now lost.

For example.

1. No Wishlist.
2. No easy way to tell if a Series Link is set or unset.
3. Able to set Series Links on HD channels, but not on some Non-HD (e.g.) C4+1
4. No option to 'Keep Until I delete' on single recordings.
5. Planned recordings get 'mixed up' with recorded programs.
6. There is no access to recover recordings deleted in error.
7. Setting 4:3 Aspect to Full, Pillar Box, or Zoom makes no difference
(Some old programs (e.g. Only Fools and Horses) transmit in 4:3 aspect, but all get 'stretched' to wide screen)
(This used to work OK on the V6 box, so don't tell me it's the transmission). These were recorded on Gold+1
8. Picture in picture not present on many screens (even though sound is still there).

Many other 'features' are also missing or more difficult to use.

Don't get me wrong - there are a few nice features on the V360 software, but the drawbacks far outweigh the advantages. However, one thing I am certain about - If you don't like the V360, YOU CAN GO BACK!

In my new contract, it clearly states that you have fourteen days to decide, and if you don't like the new service, they will revert everything to the way it was before, and you pay nothing - The old contract is reinstated, and they will charge nothing. So, Mr Pete Seeger - If they didn't tell you that, then Virgin are in breach of contract, and you can justifiably ask for the V360 to be taken away and have your new V360 box replaced with a good ole' V6 system that works properly.

Hope this helps.

Brian E.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

14day cooling-off applies to any billing changes you make.

It doesn't apply to voluntary requests to convert to TV360.

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Hi Japitts.

Thanks for clarifying, and yes - I was aware of that.

But the point here is - Pete states from the outset that he was talked into upgrading a service (can't recall his exact words) that he was happy with. That doesn't constitute a voluntary request to upgrade.

In any event, I think the letter of the law states that the Contract Owner must make it clear to the Contractee (is that a word?) that the 14 day cooling off period applies. If they didn't make it clear, then the Contract Owner is in breach, and the 'customer' is within his/her rights to ask (demand?) that the contract is void.

Hope that clarifies the point.

Does that help anyone?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Nothing in that alters what I advised previously.

You are quite entitled to cancel any package change under 14days statutory cooling off. That doesn't apply to a voluntary change of your TV box software - which is not contractual.

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Thanks for your insight...

... but updating the V6 box software certainly instigated a contractual change for me - otherwise why would Virgin have issued me with a new contract document, with a 14 day option to cancel?

Perhaps we should agree to disagree? 🙂

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Without seeing the before & after contracts, I can't answer that - happy to comment if you want to post up anonymised copies.

But a change of TV box software is not contractual. It's part of your bundle so it may trigger a revised PDF, but it'll never - of itself - trigger new contract dates.

Bottom line - you can't 14day cancel a TV360 conversion. Feel free to disagree but you'd be wrong!

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Hi @EMBLE01 


Thanks for your response


If a new contract has been issued a 14 day right to cancel would apply, meaning the services will be fully disconnected. We wouldn't be able to revert your TV360 choice back due to you being in your right to cancel period though, my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Forum Team

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Reply to japitts and Travis_M.

Thank you both for your response. I don't mean to perpetuate a pointless 'discussion', so I will reserve further judgement until after 21st March '23, when I have an engineer's visit scheduled to (so I was told) revert my V360 service back to the V6 that I had before.

Watch this space 🙂


Hi @EMBLE01 

Thanks for coming back to us.

Please let us know how the engineer visit goes.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Well, in one respect, I hate to be the one to say 'I told you so', but I 'am' quite pleased that Virgin managed to fulfill their contractual obligation to me.

The engineer - a very knowledgeable guy, was kind enough to explain in detail what was required here. Apparently, associated with 'your' line or account, is a code that identifies the level and type of service that you subscribe to.

The replacement box (called a Flexi-box) has no TV software installed when shipped. Instead it has a firmware that downloads the appropriate software, depending on the 'service code' associated with your account. Virgin can (if they so choose) set this 'service code' back to the V6 level, so that when the Flexi-box is connected, the V6 software gets installed instead of the V360. That is what happened for me.

Apart from one or two minor differences, my new box works in exactly the same way as the original, and all I have lost is a few recordings.

The wording of the get-out clause on my contract, is exactly as follows:
What happens if you cancel?
If you cancel in the next 14 days, the change to your service will be removed and treated as if it never existed, and you’ll revert back to the original terms of your contract and original services. You’ll also be refunded any charges paid within 30 days. This is consistent with your rights under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. Any cancellation after this time will be subject to the termination procedures set out in section M of your Terms and Conditions for your Residential Customer Service Agreement.

So - I say again (specifically to ANY customer who is unhappy with the downgraded facilities offered by the V360), if Virgin did not make it clear that you have a 14 day 'back-out' option, when you agreed to take the new service, or if you were told that it is not possible to revert to your old V6 service after your 'upgrade', then they are probably in breech of contract, and if so you would have a legitimate right to demand your V6 service to be restored - even now.

Best of luck to anyone who sees this within 14 days of taking the upgrade. 😊