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Re: Upgrade to virgin tv 360 failed

On our wavelength

I have the same issue error code MA1/4/40


On our wavelength

Isn't the reality that the whole 360 upgrade thing is  a massive VM screwup?!  We shouldn't HAVE TO call anyone. It should work without a hitch for everyone. The fact that LOTS of people are having the problem is irrefutable evidence. I don't see how this is supposed to be a "helpful" answer - it just tells people to do what we're all on this community page to avoid - the nightmare of VM's useless customer service. A helpful answer is a FIX.

Up to speed

Had the same problem but a complete reboot of box and tv worked.

On our wavelength

Did that. No difference.

Hey headshaker, thanks for your posts and replies on our help forum.

Sorry to hear of the TV box issues faced and that your TV 360 migration has failed due to this error, could you please give us an update on this and let us know how things have gone since you last posted here on Monday?

Also, could you please tell us if the same error message / code comes up after rebooting the TV box?

Please, kindly confirm the above information so we can best help out with this.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Subsequent to my post I have done some research and decided that the "upgrade" is a substandard product and I no longer want it. If VM solve the glitch and force the upgrade remotely, I won't oppose it but otherwise I will stick with the more reliable V6.

Hey headshaker, okay thank you very for letting us know this.

If you want to look at getting this update cancelled I am going to send you a PM.

Please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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