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Re: Undelete recorded programmes

New to Virgin TV and armed with the 360 box.  I accidentally deleted something and have been reading your comments with interest.  I just want to add my own preference that there SHOULD BE an option to recover deleted programmes.  As for the irritation of having to repeat the delete command.  If there was a RECOVERY folder - why would it need to ask you to repeat your delete command.   If anyone at Virgin TV reads these, please allow me to recover a programme deleted in error.

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Re: Undelete recorded programmes

Hi @Monline


Welcome to the Community and thanks for your first post, we're happy to have you with us. 🙂


I'm sorry to hear this, I appreciate this is frustrating and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, once a programme is deleted, you're unable to recover it on the 360 box. 


I'll be sure to pass your feedback onto the relevant team to help us improve. 


If you have any further issues or queries, please just pop another post on this thread. 



Forum Team

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Re: Undelete recorded programmes

Yeah, we know that TV 360 doesn't give any way back from accidentally deleting something (which I've done more than once when I was mistaken about which programme in a list was selected)... TiVo's "Recently deleted" folder is one of many user-friendly and genuinely-useful features lost in the downgrade.

In user story form;

As a Virgin Media customer who has accidentally deleted something, I want the ability to undelete something (even if that ability is short-lived) so that I can undo a mistake, like I can in many other computer systems.

Just saying "don't accidentally delete things" is not a solution, I'm afraid. What year was it when Windows introduced "Recycle bin", in recognition that people sometimes accidentally delete things? 1995?