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Re: The world’s worst customer service

Are any of these big firms any good. It seems they are hiding behind the impact of Covid. Ermmmm in Virgins case you are an ISP, your staff should not be affected by working from home.

I have had very poor experiences with Virgin over renewals etc, throw a dice and see who you get when you call. Sorted after several calls but it shouldnt be like that. And when I did talk to someone who was half decent it was amazing to hear how they have to work - several calls open at once. Rather them than me.

But like I say isnt it just the way of the world. I have had to reschedule my holiday to Cuba for obvious reasons. The first 1hr 10 minute call to the company (who rhyme with Pooeee) ended up in stalemate. The second which was marginal less at 55 minutes got a result but I reckon I am £275 down in credits due to them conveniently forgetting a previous booking incentive we had. At the en dof teh day over 2 hours on a phone with a pathetic excuse of due to covid blah blah blah brain washes you.

It would be good to know (any Virgin employees who want to whistle blow) how many calls they get a day and how many customer service staff there are broken down to outside of UK and based in the UK (plus are they direct Virgin employed or some franchised call centre)

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