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Re: Poor picture quality

Reading through these comments I can understand the concerns about poor picture quality on SD Channels. I have a 4K TV and Virgin 360 Box. Sky news is pretty dreadful, very grainy and annoying to watch. Since I have Freesat as well as Freeview, picture quality is noticeably better, also I have a Roku Box and sometimes watch Sky News on there and the picture is very good indeed. Of course, Roku is being transmitted via Internet and this will have some effect on a better picture quality. I do think also that both Sky and Virgin are charging too much extra money in order to receive HD Channels when they should now be the norm since the sales of 4K TV have been successful. After all, we live in a Digital Age and shouldn't have to pay through the nose for digital services. 

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360 Poor pictures


The nature of the thread you added to, is that some of the replies could be specific to the poster in there - it's better for you to have your own thread and save confusion.

Others can help with some of the 360-specifics, but I would say that SD channels upscaled twice (once from to HD, and again to UHD) are never going to look brilliant.

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