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Re: Linking my tv remote to Humax 1008R

Tuning in

Yes I am. I recently bought a Samsung Crystal UHD TV and i havd a vergin media box which is a Humax so i can’t link the samsung universal remote to my vm box. Thank you for your help


Community elder

Have you tried using Ziggo and Mediabox Next if it asks for a model or Set-Top box.


Thank you for your response. None of them appear in the manufacturer list. Any other ideas? Thank you again for your help.

Community elder

Don't have a Samsung smart remote, is there a search option when trying to pair devices.


There is. Humax which is my virgin media box comes as an option but none of the models are my one.

Community elder

You probably need to be seaching for Ziggo. Ziggo is the Netherlands version of Virgin, same box basically.


Did that as well. It doesn’t seem they have it. It feels as if it is not supported by samsung.

Hi @Ch77


Please follow the instructions here to pair the TV remote to the box.


Please let us know how you get on. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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thank you Vicky. My question was the other way round. I.e my samsung uhd crystal tv remote to be linked to the humax virgin media box?

Community elder

Hi again Ch77,

I remember some users had success with using Pace DCR7111 on some Samsung TV's.