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Re: Can’t watch recordings

Tuning in

I am having exactly the same problem. Hub 5, Main 360 box and mini 360 box. The mini box will not playback recordings and gives the same CS fault code. Connecting by WiFi or cable doesn’t alter things. Contacted VM and they sent an engineer who blamed software and said it would be fixed in time. It seems from this forum that this is has been affecting people for a few weeks. Does anyone have a timescale for VM to fix software faults. This is fairly fundamental to the 360 system


Forum Team
Forum Team

Many apologies cc37 for the viewed recordings issue

Welcome back to the community.

Just to clarify on this, is this happening on all recordings? 

Also when was the technician visit?



Hello Kain Thanks for your reply. I had just upgraded to the 360 system so Im sure this has never worked at my installation. This was engineer installed. I now have a Hub5, a 360 box with a recorder and a mini box without. The Hub5 and main box seem to be working as you would expect. The mini box seems to do everything expected TV Catchup, and pause live TV. It is connected via ethernet, but if I go to WiFi the fault stays the same. When I try and watch any recorded programme, it all seems to be fine. It finds the recording, gives me the detail screen and a spinning circle, but doesn’t play. It gives me a fault message with the code CS2217. The recorded programme plays as expected at the main box. I contacted 150 and went through the tests with them, They recommended an engineer visit which took place on 1/11/22. They went through everything and phoned for advice. She then told me it was a known software fault and will be updated at some time. The facility to play recordings at other locations is fundamental to 360 and I wonder when this will be updated, Regards Chris

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Chris,

The mini box only pauses for around 2 to 4 minutes because it doesn't have a hard drive. So if yuo want to pause it for any longer then you need to record it. (It will be recorded on the main box)

To play it back on the mini box  click on Recordings > Play all and find the program

 Mini boxes can only schedule recordings, or play back recordings when the main 360 box is switched on (as they don’t have hard drives)

Check the power setting on the main box. Go to Home > Settings > System > Standby Power Consumption. If it's on Eco (slow start) change it to either Fast Start or Active Start. 

Fast start  - the 360 starts quickly but is less energy efficient
Active start - more energy efficient than fast start but the box takes a little longer to start up
Eco start - the most energy efficient and probably the one you're using. It uses minimal power but takes a while to start.
The first two options are best if you have a mini box and want to watch a recording on it


It's possible that the Catch up isn't working correctly because the internet signal isn't stong enough in the location.

If you have a Gig1 interent connection, or are on a Volt package (one with an O2 sim) then you qualify for up to three wifi boosters, however if you are on any other package then they £8  a month

See the following page for details, including  how to order online via My Virgin Media or through the Connect app 

You can also call the direct number 0800 064 3850 to order a pod (they will only send out one at a time, and there must be an interval of at least one week before a second order will be accepted)


EDIT - Also try changing the ethernet cable connected to your mini box.

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Hi Dave Thank you for your input but sadly it appears to be non of your suggestions. As my post states everything seems to be working except the Mini Box does not playback recordings and gives a fault code of CS2217. This has been investigated at length on site by a VM Engineer. I am in no doubt that like the other posts here this is a software fault. My enquiry is when is it going to be fixed.

The connection is fine between the boxes on cable and WiFi as far as I, and the VM engineer can see. I said in my email that Catch Up and the TV services were working on the mini box and also that Im confident that the connection is good between the mini box and the router via WiFi or cable, So I don’t want the impression given that this is a local connection problem. Thank you for your Reply Regards Chris

Good News 18/11/22 My Mini Box now can playback recordings. As far as I can see sometime in the last few days a software update has been sent and my system seems to be working. The TVGo app on the phone can also now see and play recordings from the main box. Thank you for sorting this, I hope everyone else on here now has a working system Regards Chris

Glad to hear all sorted, cc37

Do pop back if you ever need further assistance.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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