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Re: 360 Boxes - Recordings

Dialled in

That's before you discover the many backward design decisions within the menu and with various software 'features'. Oh and get ready for your box randomly deleting all your recordings which will then be gone forever! 👍


Community elder

If you have a box that is deleting your recordings then you need to call Virgin and report a faulty box, it's nothing to do with the software.

Most of the missing features people complain about from V6 boxes are patented by TiVo.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi 1979Damian, 

Thanks for taking the time to post about the issues you are having. 

We're sorry to hear your box has deleted your recordings. As mentioned by roy247, this wouldn't be an issue with the software but the box itself. 

Checking things this end, our remote checks are failing as they are unable to connect to the box. Can you turn your 360 box on and leave on. Pop back here to let us know and keep the box on until we reply again. 

If we still have an issue then we may need to look at getting an engineer out to you. 

Speak soon,

Forum Team

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Hi Kath,

I've power cycled both of our 360 boxes (we have 2 V6 boxes upgraded to the 360 software), set new a new series link and a 1 off recording on each box, then power cycled each of the boxes again. This time neither box has lost either the partial recordings or the series links, so they both now seem to be behaving correctly.

If you wouldn't mind also checking again at your end to confirm that all seems present and correct, that would be appreciated.

Thanks for the update 1979Damian and glad to hear this seems to have been resolved. Monitor it going forward and if you experience the issues again let us know but all looks okay our side 🙂



Thanks for checking things at VM's end Robert, the repeated popwer cycles does seems to have resolved the issues.

That's great to hear thank you @1979Damian 


We're so happy things are looking better for you and if you do need any help in the future please so pop back to us here at the forums and we will do all we can to help.