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Random TV Turn On

Tuning in

Recently switched to V360.. ( too soon to say is it's actually an 'Upgrade'..! ) Now finding my TV ( Samsung QE series ) switches itself on randomly, in the day & ( more annoyingly ) at night..

Tried suggestions on other similar threads.. One Power On / Off & using dedicated remotes to switch off, etc.. but will still randomly spring into life at odd times....

( as an aside.. Somewhat annoyingly.. Despite searching the Model Number & Manufacturer, I can no longer use my Samsung Universal Remote for the same Virgin box / since the software update.. )

 Recommendations welcomed..! 


Community elder

Hi PandPinc,

Can't help with the random turn on's but for your Samsung smart remote try using Pace  DCR7111, that still works for some people with Samsung TV's although I have seen other people saying that has stopped working.

I use Ziggo set-top box for my LG smart remote and other people use Ziggo Mediabox Next for their universal remotes.


On our wavelength

I suspect that you have a problem with the Samsung TV.  I had one that I couldn't switch off and googling it on the web it seems that there is a unit within the TV associated with handling the signals from the remote that might give problems.  I could be very wrong.  When the TV comes on, does the 360 box also come out of standby mode and thus you have a programme being played, or is it that the TV comes on and no programme?

You could always swith the TV off at the mains plug each time you finish watching.  Crude method I know, but it will work.