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Pixelation on many channels

On our wavelength

I have just recently noticed pixelation occurring on several channels occasionally with an accompanying on screen message about "Channel Fail". It can go for a long time with no problems then suddenly pixelation and slight freezing. Anyone else seeing this?


On our wavelength

I reported the fault on 150 to be told a technician would be sent out on Tuesday October 3rd. Just had a text to say the technician is cancelled because there is a problem on my area. I checked service status to see what the issue was and it said there was a broadband issue but no mention of a TV issue. Honestly you couldn't make it up.

Hi slartibartfast1,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've had some issues with your TV box. Sadly if an area issue is found any pending fault visits will be cancelled. so I can take a closer look at this, and rebook if needed, I've popped you over a private message.