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Persistent failed recordings. on TV V360 box

On our wavelength

I’m hoping one of the technical staff see this and can look into a fault for me. We have experienced failed recordings for about 6 months now.

We have reset the box, reset to factory settings, changed the power options, changed from Wi-Fi to ethernet and each time it lasts a few days and recordings start failing again, sometimes we can pause a show, come back to it and its failed.

Really at my wits end with it now as nothing I have read online about it has any effect, unless we do a factory reset and wait a few days for it to happen again.

I’m grateful a lot of shows are online so we can use iPlayer on the TV etc..

I think it’s a failed HDD.

I have called 0345 454 1111 and it just takes me in a loop, sending me a text, I tried the contact us and get an error "oh crikey, we can’t find that page"







When phoning choose the option to report a fault, then ignore all the options offered and you should then be placed into a queue to speak to someone.

The other option is to wait here for one of the forum team to pick this up which might be 2 to 3 day's.


On our wavelength

I can wait a couple of days Roy, thanks for getting back to me. Its so frustrating trying to get hold of them. 

On our wavelength

Managed to get an engineer appointment for tomorrow. Lets hope they swap it. It wont even start up now. 

Hi @pbeesley 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

I can see the tech has been and replaced the box. Has this sorted everything for you?

Please pop back to the community if you ever need further assistance.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Yes John all sorted thanks. He swapped the unit.