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Pausing not working

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Hey - Just today, we have been pausing our TV - the Pause works, but when we unpause it goes to live tv - anyone have any ideas?


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Is this on a 360 main box or a mini box. If it's a mini box you can only pause for about 3 minutes because it has no hard drive if you want to pause for longer then you need to press record so it records on the main box which needs to be set to fast start or active start.

If the problem is on a main box if you can't pause live TV can you rewind live TV, if you can't then it maybe a hard drive problem, can you still play your recordings.

Also when you unpause are you pressing the pause button or TV button, if you press the TV button it will jump back to live TV.


Hey, thanks for the reply


its a main box. I press the pause button (the play/pause one)

Can you rewind live TV, if you can't then it maybe a hard drive problem, can you still play your recordings or set a recording.

Does the light flash on the front of the 360 when you press pause. If you have downloaded the TVGO app to your mobile phone or tablet you can use that as a remote to see if you can pause live TV if that doesn't work it would indicate a problem with the 360 box, possibly the hard drive which is why I ask can you still record some live TV.



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Hi RedPanda999,

Got carried away with previous post clearly the 360 is receiving the pause signal from the remote as the picture is freezing, but pausing is the the same as doing a recording, it records the programme you are watching and then carries on when you unpause, which is why I was asking you try recording something because if you can't then you possibly have a faulty hard drive, just try pressing record on a programme you are watching and see if it records it or gives you an error.

Are you still able to watch your previous recordings.




I don’t know what caused it but I did a hard reset!  Appears to be working ok now!  However, I didn’t realise that doing that would erase all recordings!  

Certainly not ideal!!



When you do a factory reset you get 2 optiions keep your recordings or format the hard drive,  it's too late now but in future select keep your recordings. Good to know you have solved your problem.


Hey RedPanda999, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you were having some issues with your TV however I happy to hear it is now working.

Please do feel free to reach out in the near future if you do ever need anything. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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