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Open golf recordings stop playing

Tuning in

Have recorded both days of the open so far on series link. After watching for hours both days have stopped playing just at the crucial time in the evening. What is going on virgin media?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What do you mean by "both days have stopped playing"? Are you reporting that recordings are stopping before the end of the scheduled programme?

Or that the live programming overruns the scheduled broadcast slot? Or something else?

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If as japitts has suggested the golf has overrun the scheduled programme time then I would suggest using the Advanced options when setting a recording for any live event.

You can then choose the amount of extra time you want before the program starts and after the program finishes, you can extend this by up to 3 hours, which is what I use for F1 then if the race has stoppages it usually covers that and records all the after event coverage in one without having to set separate recordings.


On our wavelength

I was out yesterday so recorded the golf to flick through before watching todays coverage. What’s weird is that the programme recorded, (and shows in my saved list as 14 1/2 hours recorded) but I cannot fast forward through it, and if I stop after watching it for a few minutes and return, it won’t pick up from where I left it & just starts from the beginning again. There are definitely issues with the 360 box, & Virgin need to sort them out quickly. I have had several issues over time where recordings have failed (usually when they are long recordings… which is usually live sport).