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Omg they’re killing me!

Joining in


1 month of phone calls and disconnected today all because I said yes to a free upgrade!

So I received that email agreed to it then had £30 added to my bill.

First I was told it’s a delivery charge, then it’s a charge as I’m out of contract, then it’s a charge for a software update!

I refused to pay it and I’ve easily spent 10 hours on phone being disconnected. Being promised to be rung back the lot.

finally got through to someone who said my account would be credited with the 30 so don’t worry. Today my account was suspended all because of £30 that I never even owed!

I’ve got the account back online now by promising to pay my next bill 3 days before it’s actually due.

last customer service guy just disconnected from me. It’s absolutely mental.

apparently they’re going to credit me the late payment fee and the £30 that I have not paid so it’s not showing as owed.

Just spoke to customer services and the hung up on me. 

it’s the worst customer service I’ve ever had. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Myaccountis 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I am very sorry for this experience over the Free upgrade.

I can see from a system check you have spoke to the team and got this sorted which I am pleased about.

If you do need further assistance, please pop back to the Community.

Best wishes

Forum Team

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