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Old recordings greyed out

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Hi some of my older recordings have recently begun to appear greyed out in "Recordings", and when selected only display "delete recording" and "episodes" options below (no play option) on the details page.

This is not (as per another thread) an issue with a mini box  - I only have one main 360 box. I have also checked my network diagnostics and my ethernet connections is detected and working fine.

As stated this is a very recent thing. Why are recordings that exist on your hard drive being rendered inaccessible ? 



Which channel were they on?

Have you changed package since the recording date?


I have experienced something similar with older recordings. I think it must be a contractual thing where the programme in question is only available for six months (or however long). On one occasion I neglected to delete the recording and much later, when the programme was rebroadcast it became available once again in my recordings.

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All the greyed out recordings have had their channel reference removed in the "recordings" page. 

I haven't changed my package - still on maxit as before.

Then the original channel has closed. E.g channel four SD 

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Thanks thrice. If that's the case then there really ought to be an advisory to that effect (perhaps alongside the recording) so people know how long they have to view.  In effect, this is treating older hard drive recordings as a cloud based watch list. 

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  • The recordings were there up until this month 1701-e. Many of those sd channels shut 1-2 years back, and it didn't seem to affect anything. Most of the recordings were in hd anyway

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As has already been said if a channel has closed then the recordings are usually available for 'about' 3 months, in the case of BBC1 SD when that got replaced on ch101 by BBC1 HD recordings were available for 12 months, info in this link If you don't know what channels the recordings were on name a couple of the greyed out listings and I am sure someone will have an answer.


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Very Insightful Person

@thrice wrote:

I think it must be a contractual thing where the programme in question is only available for six months (or however long)

This would only apply to OnDemand programmes.

The vast majority of the time, there is no time limit on watching recordings. There are exceptions, as alluded to..

1: You change your TV package, and no longer subscribe to Sky-branded channels

2: The original channel no longer broadcasts, and more than 6months has elapsed since it closed. In the case of BBC changes, this was extended to a year.

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What appears to have happened is that virgin moved bbc4hd On 26th Jan 2022 from position 107 to 108. 

Most of my affected recordings were bbc4hd from early Jan 2022 - before the change up (My 360 box never gave me access to bbc4sd as it auto upgraded to HD where available) 

The recordings were available up until this last week or so, hence the frustration.