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Noisy 360 box

Tuning in

Just upgraded to the 360 box but it's so noisy even when in stand by mode. I have to turn up my TV volume upto try and drown the noise out but I hate doing this as I have really good hearing and don't like loud volumes and i can still hear it over this.

I have just the box replaced yesterday as called virgin last week reference the noise but this box is just the same if not worse.

I am autistic and the constant noise is overwhelming. I understand my hearing is really good but my tivo box did not make this noise and I'm really regretting the update. 

My only option is to now turn the power off when not in use but then this won't allow any recordings to happen.

I understand it might not bother some people but it is sensory overload for me as I struggle with more than one noise at a time.

I have looked at past questions and answers and I have checked everything, I have placed it on something else rather just directly on my wooden unit but it makes no difference.

I just wish I hadn't given back my old tivo box. 


Hi Natalie, just wanted to say that I am experiencing the same issue as Joanne. Unfortunately unless Virgin can modify the design of the box to make it quieter (as the Tivo box was) and replace it then sadly I'll have to cancel the service after my 18 months is over.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Chris_S_Ncl, 

Thank you for posting. 

We are sorry to hear you are also experiencing issues with box being noisy. 

Have you previously had a visit from a technician?




Thank you 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

You're welcome JoanneKe. 

We are here to help if you need us. 




Hi Nat,

No technician, I opted for self-install as I'm a network engineer myself. All went fine, it's just the noise of the box that's the problem. Thanks, Chris.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for letting us know - just to clarify, are you not experiencing any issues with playback/recordings too?