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No sound on movie

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Hi. I've just bought Guardians of the Galaxy 3. It plays but all we can hear is the music but there is no sound when they speak. All other channels an apps on the TV/TiVo box are good an work just the movie we have issues with. Anyone had similar problems that know how to fix it? We've tried resetting both the TV an also changing HDMI settings but that didnt work.  Thanks 


Accepted Solutions


Access your audio setting on the 360 and ensure it is at Follow Content . 


If still an issue try PCM options 

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Access your audio setting on the 360 and ensure it is at Follow Content . 


If still an issue try PCM options 

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @Debbie2105 

Did you purchase it from the VM Store?

If so and you can’t fix the problemplease ring the VM Store on 0800 027 0801. Their opening hours are Sunday to Thursday 9am to midnight and Friday to Saturday 9am to 3am.

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Hi yes we did. Thank you will do that if we cant fix the issue.

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We’ve got the same issue, and we had Follow Content set up already in the audio settings

I have tried everything but nothing appears to work. As I rented the film, Virgin Media Store can’t help. How do I stop Virgin Media robbing me?

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We have exactly the same issue and tried all the suggested fixes with no luck. Going to ring VM today to at least try and get my £4.99 back! 

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Exact same problem. Background sound effects are there but no dialogue channel. Been on the phone on and off this morning to their technical people and they are all saying it's not their fault and there's no problem with the movie.  May be a problem with the Dolby decoder.  No problem with any TV channels.

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I had a chat with someone online, who magically found there was an issue with pay-per-view in my area! No idea why it’s just this movie that has an issue, I suspect someone screwed up and they’re not admitting it…,, I have been told that I won’t be charged, however.