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No sound - Virgin 360 and Samsung TV

Tuning in


Having a strange issue with my 360 box and Samsung QE55Q90R TV. Everything was working fine until about 2 weeks ago, when i started to lose audio completely, when I switched to the input that the Virgin box is on?

Previously i was able to move between inputs and apps on my TV and back to VM with no issues, but suddenly, whenever I went to VM, i'd get a picture, but no sound is being output. 

My V360 box uses HDMI to connect for both audio and image. I do not have a sound bar or anything. I changed the HDMI port the VM box was in, to try different ones, but no good. I also put other devices into the one the VM box was in and the audio on them devices works fine. I've tried all the audio settings in the VM box itself, no change. I've tried turning on and off "Input Signal+" on the HDMI ports via the TV, no change. I've ran diagnostic tests from within TV menu on the HDMI port and cable, all reported fine. I've tried different cables, no change. 

Contacted Samsung support who remoted on and re-wrote the HDMI EDID, that fixed the issue for a few hours, but then it returned. I factory reset the TV, fixed it for a few hours, then it returned.

Virgin engineer was here yesterday, baffled at what is happening. His test TV the sound worked fine from the VM box. But nothing through my TV, even though other devices tested in the same HDMI port provide audio.

So in short, seems to be neither a TV fault, or a VM box fault, but somewhere along the way, there's an incompatibility developing that isn't there if do a fresh start and install, but instead, develops over a period of a few hours. At my wits end really in terms of diagnosing the issues. Anyone got any ideas?




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Hi TMc1908,

Sounds strange that the sound works then stops but the picture is ok, it might be something to do with HDMI control, you could try turning the One power setting on the 360 to off to see if that has any effect, on the TV Samsung call HDMI control Anynet + you could also try turning that off.

Another thing to try might be pairing the 360 remote to a different Samsung TV doesn't matter if the volume test works you will just need to use the TV's remote instead and then see if the sound disappears after a while, if it does you can then always repair the 360 remote back to the TV.

I assume you or the engineer have tried doing a factory reset of the 360, if you haven't then you could give that a go,  just select the option to keep your recordings, that means you won't lose your recordings and any planned recordings or series links you've set up, you will have to sign into your apps such as iPlayer, Prime, Netflix and ITV Hub again, also Match frame rate and Standby power consumption will go back to their default settings if you have changed them.


Hi Roy

Can you explain what the "One power setting on the 360" is? I can't locate any setting referring to that. 

I have previously factory reset the 360 box and the engineer done it again yesterday. Still no good. I have also tried turning off Anynet+, doesn't make any difference.

No matter what I try, it works for a couple of hours then loses sound again, but ONLY ever the VM 360 input. Anything else put into the same port works fine 😭






Actually I've found the one power setting. Only appears if you access settings menu using the official remote. Doesn't show if you're accessing it using the Samsung One Remote ha?! Bit odd

Either way, doesn't change anything whether it's on or off, unfortunately





Hey there @TMc1908, thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the audio on the TV box.
I will assist you further on this and send a private message to further investigate.
Watch out for the purple envelope inviting you in.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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Update on this....

Engineers came out, couldn't diagnose issue. Virgin box working with their test TV but not my TV. Tried diff cables, a box reset, different settings but couldn't fix. Said will send me an optical cable to try audio via that instead of HDMI.

Meanwhile, Richer Sounds where I bought the TV sent an engineer out who basically said looks like TV is fine, all the audio is working on everything else, but virgin. But to make sure not TV related, ordered a replacement motherboard for Samsung One Connect box and came back to replace it few days later. TV is basically then back to factory settings and works for a while, then few hours later silence again.

Optical cable arrived from Virgin, tried to use, but the Samsung One Connect box is optical audio out only, can't be used as an input to push audio through TV speaker. 

So in summary, looks like I'll be getting rid of my Virgin service and going back to Sky, since the Virgin 360 box doesn't seem to be able to output sound, to a Samsung QE55Q90R. Something is happening to the HDMI audio, whether in handshake or when the box goes to sleep, that means audio is lost. 

So I've been six months with virgin now and not yet had a month without either a broadband, WiFi or a TV issue. Think that reflects pretty poorly on the company tbh, when I was with Sky for five years and never once did I have a technical problem with any of the services 🥴