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No Play option on recordings on 360

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If I save a programme on my new  (unwanted ) 360 box, the play option is intermittently missing, the only options are "delete" and "episodes".  When this happens I am also unable to access that program through catchup. I never had this problem with Tivo. What can I do?


My saved programmes intermittently lose the option to watch - the only 2 options are " Delete Recording " and "Episodes ". If I try via catch up I am also unable to watch the programme.

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If this is the main box you are trying to watch the recording and catchup on how is it connected to your hub, ethernet cable or wifi, catchup uses the internet connection and might be related to your watching recordings problem.


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It is the case on the main box and also on the 2 extra boxes. Everything is connected by WiFi.  My tivo box was connected via an ethernet cable but the engineer connected the 360 box via WiFi and I wouldn't know where to start changing what he did.


I would check your network diagnostics, press Home, Settings, Network, Diagnostics.

You should have, Signal Quality Good, and 3 green ticks.

Also have you checked your service status at the top of the page, or by phone 0800 5610061, just in case there are any known errors.

Do you get any error messages.

It's also best to have the boxes set to fast start or active start for the mini boxes to connect to the main box when that's in standby.


It's best to connect the 360 to the hub with an Ethernet cable (the old one should be perfectly fine).

Hub 3.0, TP-Link Archer C8, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, V6
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OK thanks

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Thank you, I have the 3 green ticks. Not sure how to do the fast-start option. 

On your main box go to Settings > System > Standby power consumption. You have 3 choices.

Fast start - the 360 starts quickly but is less energy efficient
Active start - more energy efficient than fast start but the box takes a little longer to start up
Eco start - the most energy efficient it uses minimal power but takes a while to start.

Problem with the Eco setting is if the main box is set to that and it's in standby you won't be able to watch a recording on a mini box.


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That is very interesting and likely the cause of my issues. Unfortunately we use our boxes very individually and I now realise that the 360 does not suit my family set-up as 3 separate boxes work better for us. Too late now though and I don't know how I would every have known this before the engineer came. I appreciate your advice and will do as you advise. Many thanks