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No Internet Connection

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My Front Room TV connects to the internet via ethernet with a Virgin TV 360 box and works perfectly.

My Back Room Tv works with a v6 box but fails to connect to the internet. When I select Inputs on my TV screen and then select Virgin TV 2 I am taken to a screen headed We’ve found a connection problem CS9006. Selecting then either the Network setup button or the Continue to TV button does nothing. 

I think I need a replacement box for my back room 

Please help. 

Colin Mosedale Acct No [MOD EDIT: Personal details]





Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @cfmoses 

You've mentioned that you have two set top boxes, one being a 360, and the other a V6.

Both boxes should be 360's. The 360 works on the Horizon operating system and the V6 on the Tivo system, they are not compatable with each other and the V6 should have been swapped out for a 360 box.

CS9006 is a connection problem relating to an ethernet cable. Please check the ethernet cable to your box is properly connected at both ends, and isn't damaged.have yuo tried disconnecting and reconnecting the ethernet cable, or a different ethernet cable. 

If you want to try connecting by wifi then remove the ethernet cable from the tv set top box and switch to a WiFi connection instead. You can either the wifi network name and password, or use the WPS button. 

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What is your backroom box and which boxes do you have, you can identify which boxes you have from this link 

If you have an old TiVo box it won't work with the 360 box. If you do have an old TiVo box it will need replacing with a 360 mini box and you will need a separate network connection either by ethernet cable or wi-fi, if you are replacing a TiVo box it has an inbuilt modem so didn't need the additional connection to the network.


Many thx. Spot on. 

Hi cfmoses, thanks for the message. 

I am sorry to hear that you were having issues with the connection. 

I am glad that roy247 could provide some assistance and get things resolved for you. 

Please let us know if you require any further assistance? 

Kind regards, Chris.