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No Apps, No Pause, No recording , No on Demand

Tuning in

I would like to raise a complaint about my Television service. The issue occurred on 09/09/2022. To explain in more detail On Thursday 1st September I upgraded my Virgin Media package. On Friday the 9th of September I received my new Hub 5 and Virgin 360 remotes. I installed my new Hub and upon turing on my TV box I had now lost the ability to pause live TV, rewind, record or access any apps or On Demand content. I immediately contacted customer services who said that there was an issue in my area. We are now two weeks down the line on the 23rd of September and I still cannot get any idea of when these problems will be resolved, as the service status always says the fault will be resolved by 17:55 and when that time comes around it moves to the same time tomorrow.

This meant that I have been unable to use the TV services that I am paying for in my package which up until I upgraded my Hub I was able to enjoy.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Jack881, welcome back to our forum and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see that you have been having issues with your TV service for the last 2 weeks. I can certainly understand the frustration with this. This sounds more like a equipment provisioning issue rather than something in the area.

Generally, in these instances signals would automatically be sent through to the affected boxes which would then help to resolve the issues. I will send you a PM to check your details to ensure this has been sent.



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