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New tv360 install. Older VM coax cable

Joining in

Hello folks. I am planning an upgrade from my horizon tv setup to TV360 with 500Mb broadband. I will get a new hub and new tv box. I am previewing the TV360 set up instructions and have a couple of questions that the forum may be able to answer: 1) Will my existing coax cable work with the new kit? The existing cable was provided by VM, about 7/8 years ago. Hoping to avoid running new visible cable from hub to tv box. 2) the set up guide calls for ethernet cable connection to the TV box. This is about a 12 foot run for me. I understand that the tv box can stream via WiFi in normal use, with live channels provided via coax, but is the ethernet cable needed for initial setup?

Thank you in advance.





Hi Michael,

If you have a Virgin Horizon box I'm guessing you are in Ireland, this forum is not really for Ireland but some of the answers will be the same.

If Virgin installed your coax cable only 7/8 years ago I am sure it will be fine, my cables were installed by Nynex about 30 years ago and the 360 boxes work with no problem.

Ethernet cable is always the preferred connection but you should be able to use Wi-Fi without any problems depending on how good your signal is, if you do have problems setting the box up with Wi-Fi initially if you do have a ethernet cable long enough to reach you could use that for the set up and then disconnect it, the ethernet cable does have to be unplugged from the 360 box for Wi-Fi to work, if it senses it has an ethernet cable plugged in it will override trying to use Wi-Fi. 🤞



Thank you  for replying Roy247, your answer is very helpful. I managed to set up without difficulty, using my existing cable. No issues whatsoever. I was expecting a replacement hub to support the BB upgrade but this is not necessary, my existing hub is perfect too. So setup was a bit of a doddle in the end.

I am in Ireland - an accidental trespass maybe - but I was invited 🙂

All set for Ire v Scotland game this evening....


Kind regards

Michael, Dublin.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @Jmcorcoran,

Welcome to the Forums and thanks for the post.

As stated here if you are Virgin Media Ireland some answers are different and we are not able to fully help with this, you can reach out to the VMI team here.