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New mini 360 box not playing recordings from upgraded V6 box

Tuning in

Hi, I've recently upgraded my V6 box to 360 and have also installed a new mini 360 box. 

Both are connected to the internet (the V6 by WiFi and the mini by ethernet) and I can watch live tv and stream content on them.

I have a number of programs which I have recently recorded on the 360 upgraded V6 box and I can see these from the mini box tv, which is in another room, but when I try to play them, I get the message "Oops, we couldn't connect to Back room. Please try again."

Both boxes are set up for 'active start'.

I can pause live tv on the mini box for four minutes, but then it starts playback again, as it can only buffer this amount locally.

Any top tips for what I should do, because I want to play things from the main (V6 box) in a different room, which was the reason I got the second box?

Thanks in advance, Geoff.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Geoff,

There should be an error code showing (CSxxxx)  when you see the ""Oops, we couldn't connect to Back room. Please try again."" message. 

Please can you advise what this error code is as it may help in pinpointing the problem.

You can also try self help using the error codes and following the instructions on the following page 


The mini box doesn't have a hard drive which is why it can only pause live tv for around four minutes. If you want it to pause for any longer then you need to set that program to record. It will then be saved on the main box.

Please try the following and see if it works, as it will 1) show that recordings are working, and 2) give you a way to get round the short pause time on the mini. (Don't forget the 360 can record 6 programs at the same time)

Hit record on your main box, then go to saved on that box and start watching the recording and then stop watching the recording by using the back button NOT the pause button.  Then on your mini box go to Saved> Continue watching, and you should be able to watch from the point you stopped watching the recording on the main box.

There are some helpful tips on the following page 

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Thanks for looking at this.

There is no error code - the text "Oops, we couldn't connect to Back room. Please try again." is all that is displayed, in a rectangular box in the top right hand corner of the screen.  'Back room' is the name that I've assigned to the old, upgraded V6 box which is storing the off-line recording.

Does that help at all?

Hi Geoff,

Did you try newapollo's advice to press record on the mini box to see if you can pause for longer than 4 minutes, this will check the link to the main box.

Do you only have the problem watching the recordings on the mini box when the main box is in standby or is it the same when the main box is on. If it's only when the main box is in standby try setting it to fast start. If it's both you could try restarting the boxes by turning the boxes off with the switch on the back of the box, let the main box start up and then switch the mini box on.