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New install: 360 or V6?

Hi everyone, I placed an order for the Ultimate Oomph bundle at the end of November which is due to be installed on the 8th January (this Friday). I knew that 360 would launch in between, and that this bundle would mean I'd get M600 and 360, just not clear when and the order says 2 V6 boxes. So firstly, what can I expect when the engineer turns up and how many boxes can I have?

Second, it's been the usual fiasco that occurs every time I interact with VM requiring things to be changed on my account, so regardless of what is supposed to happen, I doubt it will go well, so I would like to clarify some things.

Basically the broadband was downgraded to M350 even though the property has Ultimate Oomph on M600. I suspect this is because their ordering system was confused as M500 was in the process of changing to M600. It took me lots of phone calls to get this sorted, but can see now that M500 is finally showing on in My Virgin media (though not M600, *sigh*). Good enough for now. However I also notice that it no longer thinks I am on an Oomph bundle, in the SIM section nothing is showing, the info tooltip says "You do not currently have an Oomph bundle." even though I already have the SIM card. So now I am imagining that the TV is not going to be activated correctly either.

What are people's experiences? Does the Oomph bundle normally show correctly? Does it matter? What freedom do the engineers do to choose which box to install? I'm loathed to ring VM again, it's an absolute nightmare trying to get to anyone who actually knows anything or can even understand the problem but if it's not going to work properly I'd rather cancel before the old service is disconnected and re-order when the system properly "knows about" M600 and 360.

Also, is my assumption correct that they have to replace the 2 V6 boxes rather than upgrade them? The main reason I want 360 is because it supports CEC (sounds sad I know but it really bugs me!), and I am suspicious whether that's possible on the existing hardware. The boxes may look the same but that doesn't mean anything TBH. It's a pain to lose all recordings but I expect that'd be true for a 360 install anyway.

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