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New equipment sent after upgrade not correct

Tuning in

Hi. I called to upgrade on Monday from our current system which is 2 boxes, a v6 and an old TiVo. I was informed I’d receive a new 360 mini box in a few days (as written in my contract summary).  This morning in the post I received just one remote control and no boxes.  I understand that the v6 can be upgraded so that’s fine but I cannot upgrade the older TiVo. I’ve spent an hour on the phone to customer services this morning and don’t seem to have gotten anywhere!  All I need is to be sent a 360 mini (and remote) as I currently can’t upgrade as I believe the old TiVo won’t be compatible and I’m afraid of putting the TiVo completely out of action if I upgrade the v6.

Anyone from Virgin to help would be appreciated!


Tuning in

Just to update this, I just called back and this time I spoke to a very knowledgeable UK-based chap who has seemingly resolved everything in less than 10 mins! 

Sorry VM, but despite your protestations, your outsourced customer care isn’t up to the job.


Hi @AVPhil 

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for our first posts.

Sorry to hear you were having issues with your TV box upgrades. We are however glad to see our team has resolved this for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help.


Forum Team

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