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New 360

I have to say. I am sorely disappointed with this virgin 360. Tivo was so much better and unless things change soon I will be sending it back. You can't "continue watching" a recording if you go back to it the next day without starting from the beginning. Recordings are missing. There are no suggested recordings made. This "user profile" is totally pointless as nothing is different to me and my wife's content despite a totally different range of shows and channels watched by us both. No ability to record just the new shows, you get the lot despite the fact you've seen them all before. No ability to add say "formula 1" for it to record anything with formula 1 in the title. You have to be totally on top of what you want to see if you want to record it. Totally unintuative compared to the V6 boxes. If you were considering the £30 cost or £60 if you are unlucky to not haggle then I would not bother. The old v6 box tivo is FAR superior. Keep what you have. I wish I had. 

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