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New 360 homepage - can I re-arrange the bar order

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Is there any way I can edit / rearrange the bar order on the new 360 homepage screen to move the stuff I use higher up ? 
the apps bar doesn’t let you set the apps you want only showing recently used apps and I don’t want top picks or pay per view events bars as they have no relevance to me so I would like to push these bars to the bottom of the page out of view


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This would be a great feature if it could be made available.


The bar most worthy of deletion is the personal recommendations bar. This can only be based on pure guesswork as it has always been totally irrelevant to anything I would ever want to watch.

Dialled in

Sadly no, would love to re-arrange it.

I'd also move watchlist back to the recordings tab. Really don't find the home page useful just means I have to scroll down past a lot of items I don't use or want to see to get to what I do want.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It has been mentioned on another thread that the Horizon UI is more & more resembling the SkyQ UI with every update that comes out.

Obviously another tweak to tempt Sky customers to jump ship.

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Its very similar to my amazon home page on my fire stick.

But with that I have some control about the order and what I want. This just seams a mess to push pay per view or rent the latest movies.