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Netflix sound drop out

I've read a few posts and none cover this issue.

I have the TV360 box and it works great for virgin content. Its connected via HDMI to my Panasonic TV which has hdmi Arc to my Panasonic sound bar.   Sound has been great (PCM 5.1). 

This week I've been watching Netflix (via the app on the box). The sound drops every 5-10 min for about 10 seconds, when it comes back its briefly distorted, then it's fine to the next drop out. 

Ive tried changing the box to pcm 2.0 without any luck. Any ideas?

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Re: Netflix sound drop out

Hi @Funkstar 

For Sound issues go to Setting > Audio & Video > Audio Output > there are options > Follow Content, PCM 5.1 (HDMI only), and PCM 2.0

Netflix will always use Follow Content. Use 'Follow Content' for any bitstream audio like Atmos where it's available on content.

You could also try turning Match Frame rate on and off under the audio & video settings.


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