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Joining in

I'm having to log back in to Netflix each time I want to use it. It's highly annoying as it's very time consuming. I've tried looking around the settings to see if there's any reason for this, but can't find anything. I've tried logging out of all devices, via my Netflix account, and also changed my password. I even contacted Netflix via chat, who talked me through a few things. It seems to be Virgin that's the problem. 

Can anyone please help? 


Community elder

If it's only happening after putting the 360 box into standby make sure the Standby power setting is not set to eco, set it to fast start or active start.


Thanks for your reply. I checked - it was already set to active start, but I've tried changing it to fast start. 

Hey HellsBells76, thank you for reaching out and warm welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear your Netflix is making you log in every time.

As mentioned by roy247, this should resolved the issues for you.

Please can you let me know how it has been since you have changed this setting? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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