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Netflix app freezing while playing

Dialled in

Every movie or series I start to watch freezes about 3-5 minutes in screen goes blank then when picture comes back it’s frozen I have to click pause for count of 10 then click play it starts again and seems fine for rest of movie or series episode. Anyone know the cause of this or having the same problem?. Never did it on the V6 box. 


Nope. As everyone has said, this only happens on Netflix. No codes, no errors. It’s been described multiple times by numerous people experiencing the same issue. Re-read the previous posts.

Hi DutyFish

How is the box connected to the internet, wired/wireless? Is it only on the box as well, IE are other devices using Netflix affected? 

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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See message 41 in this thread..

“New box, 350 broadband. 360 box connected directly to router as per setup guide. No other devices or apps have this issue.”

The TV box is also plugged in to the cable marked ‘TV’, in to the Virgin filter, in to the Virgin wall socket. The Virgin router is also plugged in to the Virgin filter, which in turn is plugged in to the Virgin wall socket. The network cable, that came with the box is plugged one end in to the TV box and one end in to the router. Yes I’ve tried other ports in the router. The HDMI cable that came with the box is plugged in to the box and in to the Samsung HDTV. Power leads are also plugged in to all devices and turned on.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to getting to the bottom of this! 

Hey DutyFish, thank you for confirming this.

Please can I just check that this just happening on Netflix, it does not happen on Amazon Prime / Disney + etc

Have you tried to watch any on-demand on channels such as BBC iPlayer, if so does this happen on there? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Tuning in

This thread should be locked. There is enough info in here for virgin to look in to it if it's ever a high enough priority. Moderators asking the same questions over and over isn't going to solve it.

I’m very much inclined to agree. IMHO this thread should be part of a training package for all Mods in how NOT to deal with an issue! If anyone is in any doubt as to why, just go back and read this thread in its entirety. The number of repetitive, pointless, and quite frankly cretinous responses by various Mods just beggars belief. Not wishing to single anyone out in particular, but look at the last post by Matt, he asks if the issue happens on any other apps, but in the PREViOUS POST DutyFish clearly states “New box, 350 broadband. 360 box connected directly to router as per setup guide. No other devices or apps have this issue.”
It seems to me, that too many Mods are too quick to just want to post something, without taking enough time to thoroughly research the thread beforehand. It started off being a source of amusement to me, but it’s now become really irritating. 
Anyway, rant over. Have a nice day everyone…

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Haven’t been on here to check for a while….didn’t see the point.

excellent to see the moderators are still replying with the exact same questions though. Madness.

If anyone needs to get the gist of this thread without reading it all, messages 51 and 52 are absolute gold. Person with problem asking the mods to please read the full thread to avoid repeating the same questions followed by a mod repeating the same question. Amazing 😂😂😂😂

Hi all,

We completely understand the frustration caused by this issue, and I'm really sorry to hear that the issue is remaining for some. Although the questions may seem repetitive for each person who raises this issue, we need to ask these to be able to also flag them to our TV Teams. Sometimes, the issue can be caused by something else, and we need to be sure to ensure our TV Team have accurate information to run diagnostics and checks on their end.

That being said, we, unfortunately, haven't had any further information provided by the team in regard to this issue. However, we have been advised that this is still being worked on - no full fix time has been advised.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this issue is causing.


Reece - Forum Team

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Thank you for the reply.

Im sure the information will be welcomed by many. The frustration stems from the fact every other reply hasn’t really said that anything is being done or looked into. Just a repeat of the same question. It is 100% not an internet issue. I doubt it’s software as surely each box updates to the same software and I have 2 boxes that work absolutely fine, I only have the problem on one box. And it’s 100% not an issue with Netflix, as stated it works on the other 2 virgin boxes in the house and works on every other device we use in the house. It’s an issue I have never seen before on any other device.

My issue has actually changed in the last week or so, it’s stopped pausing now but it does ‘blackout’ briefly instead at around the same point it used to pause. The first thing I select to watch every time. If I continue a series it will not happen if the next episode comes on.