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Need to remove sooo many cables please

Joining in


Recently moved in to a property which has what feels like a million cables coming from on VM source outside the house. The cables run all over the outside of the house into each and every room. They look to be an analogue signal/system what you would use to connect to satellite connections back in the day.

What I want is to remove the all from each room and plug up the holes etc. I guess I can leave the box which is the source of the cables but need to get rid of the rest. Looks like my house has more cables than bricks.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @temp1,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

If the cables are not part of an active service you can unscrew the internal cables as you wish, the boxes would need to remain on the wall both internally and externally but any cables can be unscrewed, if you are unsure on this, if you send pictures of the cables in the property I can provide further information on if they are our cables.