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Need Help To Upgrade To 360

Hi all,

So I've made comments on other threads, pmd some people and spent 3hrs on the phone to Virgin with no success. So this is my last try before I have to go down the complaints route which seems to be the only option ATM.

So I got virgin installed on 30/12 and was expecting 360 to be installed. I only switched from sky Q as it seemed closer to that than the TiVo variant which the Mrs struggles with. The fact it wasn't 360 was a bit dissapointing however as I knew there was an upgrade for ultimate oomph customers I thought owell, easily resolved.

Seemingly, I was wrong. I did the upgrade via the link on this thread, order went through and everything seemed fine. I got an email the next day stating there was an issue with the order and telling me to call up to get it sorted.

I called up the following morning and spent 3 hrs on the phone, I got transferred to 3 different people who each time I was advised would know how to resolve it however none could. The last advisor seemingly had an issue with my security question and advised they would need to send me a reset letter in the post despite security being cleared by the automated system and 2 other advisors beforehand. I've yet to receive said letter either.

So now I'm stuck with a TiVo system my partner can't use, no idea what to do next and basically no response or contact from anyone. I will also add that one of the advisors did mention some sort of price discrepancy on the upgrade, presumably because I got the black Friday £77.99 offer and the order for the new one said £89.99pm although another user confirmed they had this and the price didn't change, which is shouldn't.

I really hope somebody can get this sorted, I know people aren't 100% sold on 360 but my partner is pretty useless with tech and the 360 service was the only thing that made switching an option.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need Help To Upgrade To 360

Your price should not increase when moving to TV 360. also if you were part of a deal then you should get the price that you agreed to in the deal. The best thing to do is to call virgin and select the option for thinking of leaving us this will get you through to retention's. They seem to answer the phone quicker and also seem to be the best department in regards to resolving complaints. I would also query with them why you received a V6 box as all new customers should be getting TV 360 Humax boxes. Does your contract say V6 box or TV 360 box, This should have been emailed to you.

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