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Moving TV

Joining in

Hi all.

I am in a new build. I have a vrigin media point my living room in use with TV and Internet.

I have a virgin point in my bedroom. Cabels installed but with a blanking plate. I have a coaxial plate spare. 

My plan is to install the coaxial plate and move the tv box to the bedroom leaving the Internet downstairs. I've read you can run the TV box off of WiFi as long as you have a coaxial to the box. 

Will this be as easy as I think or will there be potential issues?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It will be easy for a virgin media technician to do for you, £25 charge

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

There is no guarantee that the spare coax will be connected to the incoming drop cable, or that the levels will be balanced correctly if you start using it. Tech visits only cost £25, & include fitting the correct isolated outlet & signal level adjustment.

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Alessandro Volta

As this is a new build I'd expect a splitter to have been installed to enable both sockets to get a live connection to the cabinet. So, if you can connect your box to the bedroom socket then do so. If it doesn't work report a fault and VM should send a tech round to fix it at no cost as you're not to blame.

I suspect the problem you could have is more likely to be related to feeble WiFi, something which is all too common.

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