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Mini box issue.


My “mini” box ( converted V6) isn’t working as it should as when trying to scroll through recordings it will not move. Can I reboot it without incurring problems with the main box? 


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Very Insightful Person

@Harley2017 wrote:

My “mini” box ( converted V6)

A converted V6 is a TV360-master box, as it retains the HDD. The mini-box is a fresh install or conversion from a TiVo, and doesn't have an HDD.

But yes, you can safely reboot any TV360 without causing issues with other boxes. The only issue you'll ever incur is that if you reboot a box that is hosting some multiroom streaming, then the recipient box will lose the session and need to resume once the host box is backup.

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Thanks Japitts

the background to this is that a while ago I converted my two V6 boxes to the 360 and I had two main boxes…( this was a longer story, but due to the way my package was sold to me the engineer came out and fixed it so that I had two main boxes) however a few months ago when the software update happened it wiped out the entire recordings on the second box and “converted” it to a mini box. 
I explained all this to the agent when negotiating my new contract shortly after this software update and was told no problem we will fix that etc….then I had various issues with the new volt package regarding Netflix and the O2 sim ( these problems have been fixed) an engineer did visit but they couldn’t reverse the mini to a main….. I could have reverted back to the V6 as the engineer had just done that for a customer near me the day prior.

 I will try and reboot/reset the box.