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Managing Series Links on 360

Tuning in

I have a question about Series Links on the 360.  (I’ve recently moved from Tivo to 360).

I can see that when you record a series from the EPG the details appear in ‘Planned Recordings’.  It gives a list of all the episodes it knows about – those in the current EPG.    But when there are no more episodes in the EPG the details of the Series Link disappear from ‘Planned Recordings’.

Does this mean the Series Link is deleted – or is it still there and will be resurrected when another episode becomes available?

If it’s still there – is there a way getting access to it?


On our wavelength

No it don’t delete it come back when the programme comes back on say for eg if it was last episode of FBI it automatically come back on series link in planned recordings when new series starts I noticed it while back


Hi ejp,

When setting a series link select the Advanced settings, you usually have the following options;

This episode only, From this episode onwards, All from series xx only, All from series xx and onwards, New episodes only and All available episodes.

When your series ends any of the options in bold should then remain and start recording when the next series begins, the New episodes only option has worked for me. 🙂


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello ejp.

Thanks for your post regarding the 360 box and series link.

It looks like @roy247 has beaten us to answering your question.

We do have some information here if you need any more.

Or feel free to pop back and ask us.