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Lyle Lyle crocodile rated 18?


As described in the title my son tried to watch Lyle Lyle crocodile this morning and kept saying it was asking for a pin. I thought he was doing something wrong, but I looked and noticed that the film has been rated as an 18?

Can this please get corrected.


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The BBFC content advisories can be great fun. This is what they say about this (PG) film:

"There are occasional intense moments of threat, such as a man attempting to steal a boy's phone, as well as a crocodile snapping its jaws at a man cornered in a zoo enclosure. These moments are brief and end reassuringly, with other scenes of threat involving fantastical elements, most notably a singing crocodile. In one scene, the crocodile is tasered and then sedated before Wildlife Control take him away to a zoo. Another scene involves the crocodile swallowing a pet cat whole, before spitting it back out moments later. There are also chase sequences on foot and in motor vehicles, but these are brief and comic, without resulting in serious injury. A boy experiences some anxiety when commuting through New York City and in one scene suffers a panic attack. However, the boy receives immediate medical help, as well as continued comfort and encouragement from his family.
Scenes of very mild rude humour involve animals flatulating and a cat with the runs. Comic violence consists of brief bouts of wrestling and undetailed references to a man's run-ins with loan sharks. A boy is picked on by older students on his first day at a new school, but this behaviour is portrayed negatively. There is infrequent use of very mild bad language ('God'). There are also moments of emotional upset when characters are separated from one another."

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @jonandmarkuk,

Thanks for reporting this to us and sorry that you have been having this issue, we have raised this to the relevant team so that this can be looked into further and get this corrected.