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Link 2 360 boxes

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Does anyone know if it's possible to have a network of 2 x 360 boxes and 1 x minibox? We use 2 TVs equally and it isn't possible to live pause the mini box for more than a minute or so. 


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If you were updating 2 TiVo V6 boxes to 360 software then you can add a mini box, but if you are a new customer and have already been provided a 360 main box and a 360 mini box then you can only add another mini box, Virgin won't allow you to have 2 360 boxes with hard drives.

Virgins parent company Liberty Global provide the Horizon software that the 360 uses and it had to be modified for the UK to use a box with a hard drive because the UK TV companies don't allow cloud storage which the 360 uses every where else, so I believe.



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Very Insightful Person

Hi @willo365 

The mini box pauses for up to 3 or minutes.

If  you want it to pause for a longer period you need to set the program to record.


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